January 11, 2021

Granite Outlet extends heartfelt support Amid COVID-19 : Part 1

The economic effects of COVID-19 in the country have been largely crippling and disruptive. Promising small-medium scale businesses and entrepreneurs have had to shut their activities in the last couple of months due to the pandemic. In a bid to give back and positively impact the community during these hard times, Granite Outlet Kitchen and Bath Design Studio’s Corporate social responsibility to combat COVID-19 was targeted at refurbishing Shannon’s shop. Basin Shannon, a barber in Laurel, is one of those small business owners that were adversely affected when the pandemic started. He had to close down his shop in March due to the pandemic. His employees were unable to resume with him when the shop reopened four months later, making him the only worker in the shop. He would have, however, been able to pull through the heap of responsibility if the unprecedented incident hadn’t happened to him in August. He was involved in a motorcycle accident that impaired his right leg and hand. This occurrence led to the closure of his shop since then. Granite Outlet decided to light up Shannon’s spirit by totally changing the face of his shop at a no-cost opportunity during his recovery phase. Shannon expressed his utter surprise and how happy he was when the demolition crew started work on October 30th. He was positive that this was the beginning of a fresh start. The Company’s decision to help Shannon was influenced by his genuine act of kindness. Shannon has been hosting free haircuts for students before the beginning of the school year for the past 10 years and has hosted customer appreciation days during Laurel’s Main Street Festival. As a Remodeling professional with over 20,000 remodeled homes in our portfolio in the last 18 years, our unanimous decision to help renovate his shop […]
August 5, 2020

What you need to know about 2020’s contemporary kitchen designs

The word “contemporary” can be quite slippery when it comes to interior design and architecture. Does it refer to the latest fad or the decorating themes of the 1950s when the term was first coined? The answer: both!  But to keep things clear and simple for you, associate contemporary with current design trends. This also makes it easier when hearing how popular contemporary designs are influencing many other decorating schemes – even more ornate traditional kitchens are becoming more sleek and streamlined to match today’s contemporary lifestyle. So, with that in mind, let’s touch the tip of the contemporary iceberg, then look at some must-have items and features in order for you to have what can be regarded as an up-to-date contemporary kitchen in 2020. 1. The different styles of contemporary kitchens Did you know there are various sub-categories of this decorating style? This mixing and matching of styles can help you determine what’s best for your contemporary kitchen. • Urban Contemporary: Places emphasis on materials popular in urban settings, like a mixing of different steels, concrete, and glass for a stark, sleek look.  • Casual Contemporary: Softer lines, yet still committed to a streamlined design. Wood and color is used, but without being ornate or formal.  • European Contemporary: Bolder colors and patterns are used, yet the patterns move away from more traditional kitchens with larger contours. This type of kitchen will often ditch small linoleum tiles for oversized stone tiles for the floors.  Do you now have a better idea of what you want your contemporary kitchen to look like? Let’s continue!  2. Design your own contemporary kitchen: A consistent color palette Generally, a contemporary kitchen won’t flaunt more than three key colors in order to procure a sense of harmony and keep the entire look together. Imagine the colors as blocks instead of independent elements […]
August 5, 2020

Innovative ideas for decorating kitchen shelves to add style

Kitchen shelves are often overlooked when designing the kitchen as one considers them as a means of utility and nothing more. Decorating kitchen shelves brings a unique touch to the room, accentuating the overall look by a great deal. This ideabook explores innovative ideas for adding style to kitchen shelves. Of the many options available, the ones that stand out are those that experiment with light, colour and texture. Regardless of the size and layout of the kitchen, the subtlety that well-decorated kitchen shelves bring can completely transform the kitchen. 1. Candles for the shelves Odours are always present in the kitchen regardless of its size. A great way to combat it is with the use of scented candles that not only get rid of unpleasant or overpowering smells but also add to the aesthetics of the room. This kitchen makes use of contrasting candle holders on the lower shelf while the upper one hosts a potted plant, adding to the charm of the room. 2. Faux lighting Up the ante of the kitchen shelves by adding a layer of faux lighting to illuminate them. This approach works particularly well with modular kitchen units that are dark-hued. A mix of open shelving as well as closed cabinets makes for a modern design that is both functional and appealing. 3. An impressive display Neatly arranged crockery and cutlery can also serve as decor. Wine glasses, kitchen jars, cutlery, pots, pans and kitchen essentials have been arranged on wooden shelves against a white tiled background, making for an impressive display. To enhance the look one can also incorporate potted greenery to add a natural touch to the space. 4. Lighted shelves A mix of shelves and cabinets is an absolute must, and it is brought to life in this design by using lighting. The standout display […]
August 5, 2020

6 Cheap and Cheerful Ways to Update Your Kitchen

These quick add-ons and clever refreshes will give your space the facelift it needs without spending a ton of money. The average kitchen remodel costs a staggering $20,999 — and high-end ones average nearly $49,499. No bones about it: That’s whole lotta cash. But you don’t need to shell out big bucks to make a big impact in an outdated kitchen. Whether you’ve lived in your house for years or you just got the keys, here are some cheap and easy ways to update any kitchen: Bring in pattern. A vintage-inspired rug or lush floral wallpaper adds tons of personality to even the smallest of kitchens. If you want to try both at the same time, just look for patterns that have a linking color between them. Hang floating shelves. We could all use more storage, right? Take a cue from Dulcie, CKD and position some rustic ledges over the sink to stack dishes, glasses, and even some leaned artwork. Add color with stools. Metal stools like these are notoriously inexpensive, and often sold in sets. For extra cuteness in an all-white kitchen, try creating a rainbow effect with a different color on every stool. Use plates as wall decor. Simply stick them to the wall with removable strips, or hang them with plate hangers. Look into your china hutch for a treasured heirloom, or scoop up a few colorful and cheap ones from a yard sale. Hang pendant lights. Think of them as the jewelry for your kitchen — the right ones can tie the whole room together or stand out to make a statement. Go monochrome. Nothing changes a room like a paint job. With teal covering walls and cabinets, there’s no need to pile on more hues — the unique shade alone keeps it interesting.